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"And now, what do I do?"

Often when we are still studying we do not realize the final goal. But there comes that moment when we ask ourselves that fateful question, and what do we answer? We often don’t know yet.

This is why it is important to have a guide, a mentor who can support us on the path suitable for us.

Making the right choices

Choosing which school or country to study, and especially which teacher(s) to have are often the most important decisions we can make in our life as musicians. 

Our task is to support the students during the most difficult choices of their career.

Which career to choose?

Soloist, teacher, chamber musician, accompanist, orchestral. These are just some of the career models that a musician can decide to choose. But sometimes we focus on becoming something that isn’t right for us, or we chase someone else’s dream. A clear idea of the final goal to be achieved is therefore essential, in order not to waste our energies in something trivial.

Prepare for the best

To achieve the set goals, we offer personalized advice to help musicians who need guidance in the important choices of their life.

During our time together, we will analyze each one’s past and study best path to achieve what is most aspired to.