music and projects


As musicians, performances are a fundamental part of our work. What makes us different? The versatility.

Teaching requires dedication and commitment, as much as playing in public. This is why we use various methods to make our students of any age reach the maximum goal.

From some high-level lessons you can get valuable advice to be kept with care. Our masterclasses aim to add value to anyone who follows them.

Becoming a musician can often be a complicated challenge.
Without the right connections and the right addresses, you risk getting lost. This is why we advise young artists who want to become professionals in the field.

Having a social presence is important, as is sharing content that can help others.
Discover our YouTube channels.

We believe that paying homage to the great composers of classical music can bring anyone closer to different repertoires than usual.
With this project of ours, we share short excerpts from important composers on their birthday.

The Duo always seeks to work with other great musicians, forming often other Chamber Music groups with top quality performers.