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For any level

Whether a beginner or already with previous studies, we offer a high level of teaching  designed specifically for the individual.

The student level is only the initial point from which to start, on which to develop its personal path.

For any age

We taught 3-year-old students up to 85-year-old students. Age doesn’t matter when music is involved. You can learn at any time in your life and you can always improve with it.

Also Online

We are frequently asked by students from different parts of the world if we also teach online. The answer is yes! Our lessons are prepared with materials sent before and after the lesson, using multiple platforms and high-quality cameras, to ensure an experience similar to the one you can have live but with more technology.

Teaching method

We both argue that there is no single method to follow when teaching a pupil of any age or level. In fact, for us the best teaching is the one created ad hoc, following the natural inclinations of the student and creating an improvement system suited to the objectives he wants to achieve.


What about our lessons?
"Eleonora is a great violin teacher. She is very patient and I love her lessons so much. Her teaching methods are great: very clear, concise and encouraging. I can always understand each new content and I improved a lot with her help. Recommending her is a no brainer."
Oliver, 8
"I have been studying violin with Eleonora for almost three years now and have never had any problems. During the lessons she explains clearly and precisely, she is always very kind and available for any need or doubt, she pays a lot of attention to details and always works with passion and energy."
Anna, 15
"I studied with Massimiliano since 2019. He has great enthusiasm and knows how to teach students of different levels. I improved a lot technically and musically and with him I started loving classical music and coming to lesson. I learned from him passion and self-discipline."
Rebecca, 6
"Massimiliano is a great piano teacher. What I like the most in his lessons is the atmosphere, thanks to him being kind and patient. I never feel nervous while playing for him, and he makes learning a moment of joy and fun rather than forced work. His instructions always help me to improve."
Jocelyn cowan