High level lessons

book us for a masterclass

Various options available.


Teaching methods

A Masterclass differs from a normal lesson in that, in the short time available, it is necessary to ensure that the student gets a complete idea of what we want to communicate.

In this case, the important thing for us is not the student’s final goal, but it’s current level. In fact, we want to give valuable advice to use for immediate development.

As Duo

Teaching Chamber Music is very different from the single instrument.

With years of experience in duos and in other chamber ensembles we can indeed offer a complete perspective to our students, making them learn to listen the sound of the union of the instruments.


Massimiliano offers masterclasses to students of all ages, focusing on the quality of sound and the precision in reading each score, following the composer’s will and the philology linked to it.

Violin and Viola

Eleonora is able to support both Violin and Viola masterlcasses, guaranteeing a unique versatility of its kind. In her lessons she ranges from technique to phrasing, and is capable of teaching in the orchestral, chamber and solo fields.