Our performances

theaters, festivals, events

And much more!

In concert halls

For us, communicating energy and pathos are the top priority, which is why we choose our repertoire carefully to achieve a unique connection with the listener throughout the duration of the concert.

Not just violin

A particular feature of our duo is that Eleonora is an expert not only in playing with the Violin but also with the Viola. This allows us to have an even wider repertoire and to perform recitals divided between Violin and Viola.

Not just Duo

The Duo was born from the union of two already trained musicians, with a past as concert performers. This is why we can also be chosen as soloists individually, thus offering greater versatility.

Not just in theaters

Part of our readiness for any event comes from our ability to adapt. In fact, for us it is normal to be called for events of all kinds, and we are able to modify our musical offer according to the needs of the applicant.